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Addressing Last Minute Challenges

Global Last Minute Bookings
Global Last Minute Bookings
About Us is an online travel marketplace (OTM) for listing, finding and booking last-minute vacation rental travel deals and discounts on vacation rental homes, condos, flats, cabins, huts, cottages, villas, chateaus and more.

Last minute travel is defined as 14 days before arrival, with 40-56% of leisure and business travelers in the United States booking last minute. getawayGoGo connects last minute discounts from vacation rental owners and property managers with those potential travelers in one convenient marketplace.

getawayGoGo is all about finding deals quickly. With NEW and unique features, travelers will be able to find, sort and decide where to stay faster than ever.

Founded by vacation rental property managers and owners who needed one place to connect with last minute travelers about last minute openings, getawayGoGo understands the relationship between price, headlines, booking windows and a traveler's rental needs. It was their company’s experience at strategically marketing last minute properties that inspired the creation of a last minute, direct booking, discount website that connects available properties from vacation rental and furnished rental property managers with last minute travelers.

The getawayGoGo team is made up of experienced vacation rental marketing, sales and technology professionals to strategically build a #bookdirect marketplace that addresses both the last minute accommodation challenges of travelers and last minute marketing challenges for property managers. We do this in collaboration with the incredible technologies and teams of our connected partners we have listed below.

We look forward to being a powerful part of your online travel marketing strategy.

Team getawayGoGo

Our Mission and Goals



Provide one place for quickly and simply searching, finding, directly communicating and inexpensively booking properties available at the last minute. Find out more about how to getawayGoGo as a Traveler.

Property Manager

Property Manager

Efficiently and cost effectively assist in the direct promotion of Property Manager‘s last minute availability and brand for the purpose of maximizing occupancy and income for Property Manager and owner. Find out more about how to getawayGoGo as a Property Manager.

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