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Have Nights to Fill?

Connect with last minute travelers ready to book today!

Why Last Minute Deals?


of Leisure travelers
book last minute*


of Business travelers
book last minute*


of Last Minute travelers
book because of a deal*

*2018 US Travel Association Study - Last Minute is defined as booking within 14 days of arrival

Last Minute only
marketplace and
search tools for
maximum bookings

No Commission or
Subscription fees for
Property Managers,
No Service fee for

Other OTAs charge based on a percentage of the reservation based on the nightly rate and the length of stay which increases prices for Travelers and expense for Managers.

Communicate directly
with travelers

Your Properties,
Your Deals,
Your Information

Connect your properties
with PMS or Channel Manager

Marketing that builds
demand for your last
minute deals

getawayGoGo traveler marketing includes:

Connect with last minute travelers ready to book a property in your area.

getawayGoGo for Managers

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