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property managers!

Last Minute = Properties available 14 days before arrival

In order to help travelers find last minute deals we ONLY display an arrival date of up to 14 days and a departure date of 45 days after that. The examples to the right show a property with availability for the coming weekend and from the 14th to the 17th. These dates are both considered last minute openings on


Create Free Traveler Member Account

Though searching for vacation rentals deals on getawayGoGo does not require a membership, there are many benefits that come with your FREE getawayGoGo Traveler membership including:

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No Service fees or commission charged by getawayGoGo

In order to make last minute travel benefit the traveler and the property manager we have not included service fees for Travelers or commission fees for Property Managers that larger online travel sites charge. Both of those fees can inflate prices by up to 20%.

Booking through getawayGoGo means you receive direct pricing with the property managers.


Communicate Directly with Professional Property Managers

getawayGoGo direct to property manager facts:

Find Deals faster with Search View Choices and Sort Options

Select the view of your choice including:

Sort and find the best deals faster and easier:


Viewed, Save and Hide Deals

Viewed Deal: After you have visited an individual property page and have returned to the home or search page that property will display the temporary Viewed tag for you until that deal has expired or you have cleared your cookies.

Save Deals: Save your favorite deals by clicking on the tag icon. When it turns red it has been saved to My Deals. Login and click on the My Deals tag (located at the top of the website) or under My Deals tab. Remove the deal from My Deals by clicking on the tag again.

Hide Deals: Simplify and speed up your search by temporarily hiding property deals from your search. View all hidden deals by selecting the Show Hidden Properties switch at the end of the search bar to the on position. Click on the hide icon to remove from hidden properties.

Reserve Now and Contact Property Manager Buttons

Property managers have several booking options they can enable on their property pages including:

Reserve Now: The "instant book" option. Look for the lightning bolt on deal photo or select Reserve Now switch in the search bar to only see Reserve Now deals.

Contact Property Manager: For sending a note or viewing their contact information.


Track future deals with GoGo Radar Deal Tracker

Automate your deal search based on your travel requirements now or in the future. When a deal goes live you will be notified via email.

To set up a Deal Tracker, login as a Traveler, select GoGo Deals and click on the Track a Deal button. Enter your search criteria and select whether you would like a real time or a daily notification email when a deal you are searching for goes live.

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